What to Expect

Step One – When you first call our office, a staff member will ask you a series of demographic questions. Dr. Obolsky may request to speak with you via phone to further assess your needs.

Step Two – Dr. Obolsky will begin your diagnostic assessment, i.e. a face to face interview that will last 60 to 90 minutes and may take one or more visits. He will review your records and may recommend psychological testing, blood-work or diagnostic tests such as an MRI or EEG. Dr. Obolsky may also request to consult with your other physicians and significant others. We do not use electronic medical records (EMR), so information about your mental and physical health is confidential and is not automatically shared with insurance companies or your other healthcare providers.

Step Three – Dr. Obolsky will discuss his findings and treatment recommendations after reviewing your history and records. Depending on complexity of the diagnosis, the doctor may be able to share his recommendations on the first or second office visit.

Step Four – You and the doctor will begin to work on helping you regain control of your life. Individual treatment sessions are 45 minutes long. Couple’s treatment sessions are 60 minutes long.

Step Five – As work progresses, Dr. Obolsky will assess and reassess your response to treatment. He will also address any new issues or concerns as they arise.

Our practice is focused on providing you with appropriate and thorough medical-psychiatric expertise. We allocate an adequate amount of time to review your information, to make accurate diagnosis, to develop a treatment plan, and, most importantly, to provide you with the proper amount of time for treatment.