Welcome From Dr. Obolsky

Dr. O HLRHello –

Because you are visiting my website, it is likely that you or a loved one have been experiencing difficulties that require professional intervention. As a board-certified physician trained in the discipline of psychiatry, I reject terms like ‘medical intervention’ or ‘psychiatric intervention’ as these labels are confusing, misleading, and frightening.

The mind and body do not exist separately or work in isolation. Human beings consist of both elements, working together, and therefore their treatment cannot be separated. Because I am a psychiatrist – a medical doctor – I work with the whole person, both body and mind.

Many of my patients have experienced significant physically or emotionally traumatic events including accidents, illness, or the loss of those close and dear. These events have caused pain and suffering that are difficult to bear. Treatment of trauma and stress requires the expertise of a physician armed with empathy and a full arsenal of current clinical knowledge, including diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and talk therapy.

Some patients may require pharmacological intervention while others may benefit either from talk therapy or a combined approach of therapy and medication. I provide both psychotherapy and medication management.

I am board-certified in General, Addiction, and Forensic Psychiatry and am frequently retained as an expert in medical-legal (i.e., forensic) cases to investigate the causation, diagnosis, progression, and functional life effects of mental illness. My analyses and opinions are later scrutinized and challenged by attorneys and other experts. I believe that forensic work has made me a better physician and a sharper diagnostician, while direct patient care has taught me actual life effects of metal illness and injury, as well as empathy and compassion for those in emotional distress.

I feel very proud when initially struggling patient develops confidence, independence, and increased control over one’s life after our intensive work together. Whatever your reasons for seeking psychiatric expertise are, one thing is clear – you are looking for professional help so you no longer have to cope alone. Your goal, and therefore my goal, is to help you lead a more satisfying and fulfilling life.


Dr. Obolsky